Stories of Hope

Rachel's Story Rachel's Story

Rachel came to Alexandra House seeking protection from her abuser. For four years she was the victim of physical, emotional, psychological, financial, and sexual abuse. She had been cursed at; had dishes thrown and broken at her; was beaten with belts, broomsticks, and metal hangers; and was sexually trafficked. She didn’t know what she was […]


Emily had never had much luck in love. She went from one emotionally abusive relationship to the next, and eventually, they always became physically abusive. She never dreamed she’d get married, buy a home, or have a daughter until she reconnected with someone from high school. He wasn’t physically abusive. That is one thing he […]

A Journey of Hope: Eve's Story A Journey of Hope: Eve's Story

Eve, a single mom of two young boys, was apprehensive about dating again after a painful divorce. But then she met Ronin who swept her off her feet with flowers, dinners, sweet words and kind gestures.  Then little by little, Ronin’s sweet demeanor changed to one filled with insults and name calling—it became a constant […]

A Journey of Hope: Monica's Story A Journey of Hope: Monica's Story

Monica felt like her life was pretty normal before that night. As a single mom she kept busy with her kids, work, and social life, including a bit of online dating. She met a man online and after a background check, she agreed to meet him for a couple of drinks. She had two margaritas […]

Journey to Healing: Deondra’s Story Journey to Healing: Deondra’s Story

I didn’t have an idyllic childhood; in fact, my parents were drug addicts. This resulted in my three siblings and I being passed around from family member to family member. When my mom regained custody, we bounced around from place to place, shelter to shelter. Life was just as unstable and my mom wasn’t around much […]

A Journey to Healing: Amanda's Story A Journey to Healing: Amanda's Story

One afternoon, Amanda and Sarah, both college freshmen, were hanging out with a group of college students they had recently met. They were excited to embark on new adventures and were enjoying the company of these new acquaintances. When Sarah left to attend a different party, Amanda stayed behind. “I felt comfortable, safe even, staying […]

Lacy's Story Lacy's Story

Lacy met Robert, the man of her dreams through a co-worker and the relationship quickly became serious. Within a month, Lacy had rearranged her life and moved from St. Cloud to Fridley to live with him. A year later, they were married and Lacy was pregnant with their first child. Lacy’s story of domestic abuse […]

Claudette's Story: Victim to Victor Claudette's Story: Victim to Victor

Claudette’s story is like so many others – even yours perhaps. She fell in love, got married, had children, purchased a home – by all appearances she had a happy family. But, as in all relationships, there was so much that the outside world could not see. “It’s the things that happen inside the walls […]

Alison's Story Alison's Story

Alison had a secret…she and her four children were living each day with verbal, sexual, and physical violence. Alison didn’t have anyone to share her secret with – her secret that her soulmate was hurting her. Alison’s story began as many fairy tales do. She met the man of her dreams, who was charming, had […]

Lisa's Story Lisa's Story

It was when he hit the baby in her arms that Lisa decided she was done. Almost eight months before, in an effort to appease Child Protection, Lisa (then pregnant) and her one year-old son moved into her parents’ townhome. Lisa was referred to Alexandra House through the County and began work with a Follow-up […]