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Community Education

Be Informed, Be Empowered

At Alexandra House, we recognize the importance of education in effecting meaningful and lasting change. We provide free presentations and guided discussions to individuals and community groups on essential topics related to domestic and/or sexual violence. Our program covers identifying signs of abuse, intervention strategies, and increasing awareness of the issues. By partnering with Alexandra House, you can take a non-threatening approach to understanding these issues and making a difference. Our presentation is tailored to fit your group's specific needs, goals, and time frame. We have previously worked with various organizations, including faith-based groups, civic and service clubs, and social justice-oriented groups.

Topics include but are not limited to:
  • Alexandra House Services
  • Fundamentals of Domestic Violence
  • Introduction to Domestic Violence
  • Effects of Domestic Violence on Children
  • Introduction to Sexual Violence
  • Rape Culture
  • Street Harassment
  • Youth Advocacy: Sexual Violence and Dating Violence
  • Advocacy for Adult Domestic Violence Victims/Survivors
  • Elder Abuse

If there is a topic that is not listed here, please email the Mission Advancement Department at and we will be happy to discuss that with you.

Help Raise Awareness with Alexandra House

Alexandra House has assorted promotional and resource materials. We would be happy to assist you if you want to request materials. Contact our Mission Advancement Department at to order these for your organization.

Are You Safe Posters:

Thank you for considering the importance of spreading awareness about domestic, sexual, and relationship violence and elder abuse — and the available resources in our community. As a business owner or manager, you have the power to make a positive impact. It's crucial to place posters in various establishments throughout the county, including employee break rooms, informational boards, and restrooms for all genders. We encourage you to consider placing them in your public and private restrooms.

Our team offers two variations of the posters, a tear-off style, and a laminated version. You can request your posters by contacting Amanda Fulk, Community Engagement Coordinator. When placing your order, kindly provide us with the version of the poster you prefer (including the image descriptor), the desired quantity, and your mailing information. We will ship them directly to your business or organization. Thank you for your support in this vital cause.

Silent Witness Exhibit

In 1990, a group of concerned women in Minnesota formed Arts Action Against Domestic Violence to address the alarming increase in women murdered by their partners or acquaintances. They created life-sized, free-standing, red wooden figures that bear the names of real women who were once part of a community, with friends, family, and children, but whose lives were tragically cut short by domestic violence.

Two years later, Alexandra House created its own Silent Witness exhibit to honor the memory of women and children who lost their lives due to domestic violence in Anoka County. This exhibit is part of a larger effort involving over 300 nationwide exhibits, united in the goal of ending domestic violence homicides.

Our Silent Witness Exhibit features 25 red silhouettes, each representing an Anoka County resident who lost their life to domestic violence. Each silhouette is inscribed with the name and personal story of the victim, serving as a poignant reminder of the destructive impact of domestic violence. The exhibit has been displayed at various events and venues throughout Anoka County, and we invite you to arrange for a Silent Witness Exhibit at your organization or business. We can customize the exhibit to fit your specific space requirements.

Helpful Resources

Download the resources linked below for more information on reserving and displaying the Silent Witness Exhibit. You can also read all 25 of the profiles for the exhibit.