Housing and Supportive Services

Offering Stability for Survivors

Housing and Supportive Services are available to survivors exiting the shelter. Our programs offer transformative opportunities for clients to achieve personal goals, increase financial stability, build life skills, integrate with their community, and stabilize housing. Former shelter residents can choose to work with a Shelter and Supportive Services Advocate to navigate legal systems, overcome housing challenges, pursue employment opportunities, and access community supports.

The Shelter and Supportive Services Advocates meet survivors in their home (or another safe location) to provide case management services, helping ensure survivors with the ultimate goal that survivors are able to remain independent and safe.

Housing and Supportive Services offers housing assistance to families who have recently left Alexandra House’s shelter. Financial assistance through this program has allowed survivors to pursue educational goals, become financially stable, and live free from violence while at the same time healing from the abuse they have experienced. Financial assistance ensures survivors have had the time needed to achieve stability and avoid returning to potentially dangerous situations due to financial vulnerability. This program has become a reliable avenue for survivors with children to have access to a continuum of care as they maintain a life free from violence that is stable and predictable.

Three pairs of hands hold a paper cutout of a home.

Emphasis on Choice

Supportive Services maximizes program participants’ choice in housing options and the services they receive. They direct the types of services they receive and the goals they set with their advocate.

Housing and Supportive Services

Three program participants share their journey with services provided by Alexandra House.  (Approx. 7.5 minutes)


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