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A Wish and a Promise…

While another year draws to a close, we are full of reflection and gratitude for all the ways we have learned and grown. This time allows us to be thankful for the challenges, the opportunities, and the steadfast support along the way. We are grateful to have the perspective to reflect, though some are not as fortunate at this time of year.

After leaving her husband of seven years, Diana feared for herself and her young daughter when he threatened to kill her and send her body to her family. She came to Alexandra House scared and seeking emergency shelter and safety. Our Legal Advocates met her to answer questions, prepare her for the court process, and file an Order for Protection. When Diana was granted legal protection, she began her journey towards a life free from violence.

Because of the support of loyal donors like you, through our Housing and Supportive Services program, we were able to provide Diana with a housing subsidy to financially support her for up to a year with her rent. She was able to afford a clean and safe furnished apartment with beds, furniture, and kitchen supplies. Her ability to have a safe place to stay while receiving ongoing support and advocacy made the transition easier, and allowed her to move forward and start her own fresh new year with the safety she and her daughter deserve.

Thank you for your commitment to advocating for safety and support to those who need it. Thank you for wanting our community to be a healthy, safe, and encouraging place to live. Thank you for believing in the power of collective generosity. Without you, without each other, our services would not be here for survivors like Diana.

We are grateful for you. Our volunteers who gave of their time and talents and our donors who gave so generously – you made this year’s success and achievements possible. We are grateful for the new supporters we have gained, and the supporters who have been with us throughout our 40+ years as an organization.

We promise to continue to make an impact where it is needed most. Our wish for 2022 is to carry on and provide a space of safety and healing for all. Your support makes that wish a reality and we hope you know that we could not do this vital work without you.

If you have made your year-end contribution already, thank you!  If you have not had the opportunity to donate to us yet, we would be honored by your support.

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