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Technology and Safety

Staying Safe in the Digital Age

Since power and control are central to domestic violence, abusers frequently use technology to keep tabs on a partner. It’s important to know that your computer and electronic devices may be monitored and to take steps to keep yourself safe.

Tactics of Abuse

Here are some ways an abusive partner may use online activity and technology:

  • Monitoring another person’s computer use without them knowing
  • Viewing online activity – your search “history” cannot be erased entirely from a computer
  • Tracking cell phone usage
  • Using a global positioning system (GPS) placed in a car, purse, cell phone, or even a child’s watch
  • Finding personal information online – some court systems put records online, etc.
  • Intercepting emails

75% of abusers

monitor their partner's online activities.

Are your devices being monitored?

It’s best to use a public computer or device when looking up information about supportive services and resources related to abuse. Consider accessing these at the library, an internet café, work, or a school technology center. Learn more about computer spyware.

For more information about safe technology practices, visit the National Network to End Domestic Violence’s Technology and Safety Toolkit for Survivors.

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