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Luminary Society

Illuminate the Path to Change

You are invited to join the Luminary Society, a distinguished group of visionary leaders who are “lighting the path” for Alexandra House—helping us to not only think beyond the possible but redefine what’s possible. These donors have committed to making reliable monthly gifts which will provide long term support and change lives in our community.

Through the Luminary Society, you can give to Alexandra House each month with ease! With secure, automatic withdrawals from your bank account (EFT), credit or debit, you can save time and money since you never have to write another check or find another stamp. As a monthly donor, your membership is always active and you will give regular support to those who need it.

Why Give Monthly?

Monthly Gifts Make a Big Impact in an Affordable Way! Your monthly gift adds up to help more survivors receive services and heal from trauma. A small gift each month fits in your budget and helps Alexandra House spend more money on helping victims and survivors of abuse and less on administrative costs. It is an easy and affordable way for individuals to make their support go further and ensure more people can begin a life free from violence.

Monthly Gives Provide Alexandra House:
  • A steady and predictable source of income
  • Income acquired at substantially lower administrative costs than other fundraising methods
  • Income that will provide weeks, months, and years of help to survivors so they can escape a life of violence
Benefits of Monthly Giving:
  • Donor status, as part of a select group of caring individuals, devoted to the on-going fight against domestic and sexual violence
  • Monthly gifts go further to help even more victims/survivors of domestic, sexual, and relationship violence and elder abuse
  • The ability to increase, decrease, or cancel your pledge whenever you wish
  • Secure, automatic withdrawals from a checking account, credit, or debit card
  • Alexandra House is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization – Luminary Society contributions qualify as a charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes.
  • An annual contributor statement to assist in tax preparation
  • Limited mailings

Becoming a Luminary is Easy!

  1. Choose the monthly giving amount that is right for you
  2. Select a checking account, credit, or debit card as a payment option
  3. Visit our Make a Donation page or download our Luminary Society Brochure, complete the member form, and return it to Alexandra House

Alexandra House will send you a welcome letter with your first gift and will provide you with a charitable tax receipt at the end of the calendar year. Become a Luminary at Alexandra House today and join this distinguished group devoted to the ongoing fight against domestic and sexual violence! Please email if you have questions or need to update your Luminary Society Membership.


"I selected Alexandra House because they do valuable work for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. I work in law enforcement and have seen the impact that this organization has and the assistance that they offer to victims.”

- Shelly Orlando, Luminary Society Member

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