Stories of Hope

Alison's Story Alison's Story

Alison had a secret…she and her four children were living each day with verbal, sexual, and physical violence. Alison didn’t have anyone to share her secret with – her secret that her soulmate was hurting her. Alison’s story began as many fairy tales do. She met the man of her dreams, who was charming, had […]

Lisa's Story Lisa's Story

It was when he hit the baby in her arms that Lisa decided she was done. Almost eight months before, in an effort to appease Child Protection, Lisa (then pregnant) and her one year-old son moved into her parents’ townhome. Lisa was referred to Alexandra House through the County and began work with a Follow-up […]

Kyle's Story Kyle's Story

Each year, our Youth Services Program reaches nearly 10,000 students and teachers in local middle and high schools through classroom presentations. These presentations teach youth the basics about domestic violence, sexual violence and healthy relationships. The presentation in Kyle’s classroom was no different than hundreds of others provided by Alexandra House across Anoka County— but […]