Service Statistics

In 2015, Alexandra House provided . . .

A Safe Haven. 615 victim/survivors and their children received 11,396 nights of safety.

A Lifeline. 9,907+ calls were answered on our 24-hour emergency help line.

A Voice. 887 clients were supported by our civil and criminal justice advocacy services including: filing of protection orders, support during civil and criminal court proceedings and legal representation.

A First Responder. 220 victims of sexual and domestic violence received crisis intervention, safety planning, and support at local hospitals and clinics.

A Community. 303 victim/survivors and their children began their healing process at weekly support groups services and through ongoing therapy provided to 48 adults, children, and youth.

An Advocate. 105 families received personal follow up support services and housing and financial assistance imperative in achieving violence-free lives.

A Role Model. 1,400 children, youth, and parents were touched through school-based 1-1 advocacy and support groups and on-site groups at Lino Juvenile Correctional Facilities; 5,120 students about healthy relationships through 177 classroom presentations.

A Mentor. 3,443 community members increased their awareness and knowledge through community education presentations, professional trainings, and community events.

A Promise. 21 older adults were helped through our Aging Services Program since its launch in June 2015.

A Helping Hand. 108 volunteers contributed 7,709 hours of their time and talent to our programs; a value of over $191,415.

Through all of our services, Alexandra House impacted the lives of over 22,000 people.

Alexandra House – A Year In Review