Follow Up Services

Follow Up Services flyer available for download

Follow Up Services will work with individuals and families to empower and support them as they work toward their goals of safety, healing, and self-sufficiency. Each client is met with in a safe and personal setting, oftentimes where they’re staying. The client evaluates where they have been, but, more importantly, where they would like to be. Clients work with their advocate to identify strengths and needs, and gather tools and resources to equip them to make positive change.

Follow Up Services will form partnerships with other service providers and can collaborate with all systems in their client’s life. Advocates use a holistic approach to help the client achieve lasting change and begin the healing process. From schools to county social workers, landlords to therapists, advocates help clients communicate their needs and find solutions when working with the systems involved in their life.

Follow Up Services advocates know the journey to safety and healing is different for everyone. They can work with clients to make simple resource connections, meet for a few months or travel together as an extended support system. As clients take steps toward their goals, Follow Up services advocates are there with them to encourage during difficulty and celebrate the successes.

All services are free-of-charge! For more information on Follow Up Services, call 763-795-5443.