Alexandra House Holiday Shop

We’re accepting donations through December 9th for Holiday Shop!

Alexandra House hosts its Holiday Shop for survivors and their families every year. Most of the families served by Alexandra House are transitioning into a new, safer life. While greatly needed, this change can often lead to significant financial hardship, and many find themselves with scarcely any resources at their disposal. The holiday season is incredibly difficult for these families, and buying gifts is a luxury that often takes a back seat for them. We work tirelessly to help provide survivors with a sense of comfort and joy during a particularly difficult time.

We are asking donors to contribute gift cards (with receipts attached) in $25 denominations from Target, Walmart, Visa, MasterCard, or Amazon, in addition to grocery gift cards from Cub Foods or ALDI. Gift cards allow families to shop online and have gifts delivered to their homes if they wish to avoid stores or do not have transportation. A benefit to this modified approach is that parents will be able to shop for their own families, adding dignity and choice to their holiday season. All items should be delivered to Alexandra House by Friday, December 9.

Holiday Food Baskets

We are looking for donations of whole food baskets or food items to make food baskets. We need:

  • Canned corn, green beans, sweet potatoes/yams, cranberries (jellied/whole)
  • Potatoes: instant mashed, scalloped, or Au Gratin
  • Gravy (packets or jarred)
  • Cake/cookie mix with frosting and vegetable oil
  • $25 grocery store (ALDI/Cub) gift cards

We understand if you prefer to purchase actual toys and gifts for distribution. They are greatly appreciated. We recognize how much thought and consideration goes into picking out gift items to donate. There are some great ideas for gifts or gift cards on our Amazon Wish List for Holiday Shop, or you can download our 2022 Holiday Shop Wish List.

2021 Holiday Shop Impact

Thank you to the many donors and supporters of Holiday Shop in December 2021, you made this possible. We collected more funds and gifts for Holiday Shop 2021 than any prior year. We were able to provide brighter holidays to 228 participants. Thank you!