Community Education & Professional Training

At Alexandra House, we understand that education is critical to creating significant, long-term change. To accomplish this goal, we offer numerous educational opportunities.

Community Education

We offer free presentations and facilitated dialogues to community groups and individuals on the basics of domestic and/or sexual violence, signs, intervention and awareness. This is a great way to learn more about the issues and take a stand through partnership with Alexandra House. Participating groups have included faith-based groups, civic and service clubs, and social justice –oriented organizations. We will craft the presentation to fit your group’s specific timeframe and goals. Request a presentation! 

I can’t express how much appreciation I have for this program. I know that this has helped me change my life.

Student & Youth Education

Are you a college or high school student seeking information about domestic or sexual abuse for a research project? Or do you belong to a youth group or scout troop that wants to learn more about where your donations are going? We welcome all kinds of informational inquiries and are happy to provide a tailored learning experience for youth and students third grade and above.

Professional Trainings & Collaborations

Alexandra House offers a wide variety of trainings tailored for various professional groups. We charge a $150 flat fee for our professional trainings, however we will work with any agency or business unable to pay but with a desire to build their capacity to respond to and prevent domestic and sexual violence. Our staff will work with you to craft a training that meets your group’s specific goals and timeframe. Request a training!

  • First Responders – Law enforcement, legal professionals, health care providers and social service workers are on the front line when it comes to recognizing and responding to domestic abuse. Our trainings provide critical knowledge on how to use your professional role to help victims of violence overcome many of the barriers they face when trying to be safe and/or escape an abusive relationship. Participating groups can become part of a coordinated community response to addressing and eliminating domestic violence.
  • Customer Service – Salons, banks, gyms, restaurants and many other places of business can take a stand and help create an environment in which domestic violence is no longer tolerated. Learn about how domestic violence impacts your clientele and how your business can get involved, taking simple steps to contribute to a violence-free community.
  • Clergy & Lay Leaders – Many people rely on the support of their faith community when facing challenging life circumstances. It is critical that faith leaders understand the dynamics of domestic violence and are prepared to support families dealing with abuse, while holding the safety of the victims and their children as sacred. Alexandra House works with Partners in Faith for Peace, a community-based coalition, to offer highly effective trainings for clergy and lay leaders around responding to domestic violence and working with children who have witnessed violence.
  • Corporate or Workplace Setting – Domestic and sexual violence does not cease to impact people once they enter their place of employment. Employers, supervisors, and HR personnel can support their workers by becoming trained to respond to domestic abuse, creating policies that support victims and hold perpetrators accountable, and by providing learning and awareness opportunities for all employees. Alexandra House believes engaging with local businesses in this way is critical to creating safe communities and is available to train and provide support towards this end.

Community Events & Resource Fairs

Alexandra House is proud to participate in numerous resource and wellness fairs throughout the metro area every year. Please contact us if you are organizing an event or fair and would like to have Alexandra House represented. Request a table hosting!

We also sponsor several educational and awareness-building events each year, such as our annual Walk for Hope.