Updates from Alexandra House Executive Director Updates from Alexandra House Executive Director

Updates from Alexandra House Executive Director

Connie Moore Reflects on 2015, Plans for 2016

Each passing year seems to click by just a bit faster than the one before. It’s true in our families, in our neighborhoods, and it’s true at Alexandra House. It is tempting to put our heads down, our noses to the collective grindstone, and continue our work for the day, the month, and the years to follow. Stopping to reflect seem gratuitous, almost indulgent, when there is still so much work that needs to be done. Feeling as though our eyes must remain fixed on the road ahead, to plan for and anticipate each dip, curve and bend.

But reflection affords us more than an ovation and accolades. Appreciating our successes, evaluating our shortfalls both rejuvenates and refocuses our efforts for the challenges to come. Sharing stories of the small, quiet victories that accumulate into a career of life-changing advocacy put the stories of strife into perspective. Comparing notes on strategies, insights, and revelations creates best practices and better service to families that need our help. Reflection makes us stronger; it propels us towards the future we want to build.

Alexandra House completed, and took major strides on, a host of initiatives designed to serve survivors and our community more effectively.

Our New Website (which if you haven’t seen it, I would HIGHLY recommend taking a peek) allows for much greater flexibility and response. It is mobile-ready, in keeping with the times, and there are multiple translations of our most pertinent information. It is also, I must say, beautiful. Though I’m biased.

Abuse in Later Life Services have grown substantially, thanks to new grant funds and the support of the Anoka County Abuse in Later Life Program Steering Committee. Older adults are a rapid growing demographic that have unique needs and vulnerabilities. Providing support and advocacy services to ensure everyone enjoys their autumn years with dignity is a fundamental pillar of a strong community.

The Community Partnerships that enable us to do our work have grown in number and been further bolstered by collaboration. The schools, law enforcement, legal and hospital systems that partner with us create a network of support survivors both need and deserve. The businesses that prioritize the safety and security of every family in every neighborhood with their financial support allow our mission to come to life and help us build a future free from violence.

That is not everything. Not even close. There are the thousands of individuals who came to us for support and resources who are now living a life they deserve. Those milestones are the result of our advocates. It is their dedication and talent that make tomorrow seem brighter.

Here is what we are planning for all the tomorrows of 2016:

  • To expand our Abuse in Later Life services and create a community-wide network of support
  • To expand our Youth Services (youth support groups, presentations, leadership opportunities)
  • To expand Follow Up Services (in-home case management, housing assistance, self-sufficiency)
  • Raise $897,000 to maintain existing services

Thank you for your support, your voice, your efforts. 2015 was year we can be proud of.

In 2016, we will do more,


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