Youth Services

Children and young adults are not spared from the realities and impact of domestic and sexual violence. They are witnessing and experiencing it in their homes, in their first romantic relationships, and in their circle of friends. This crucial time for exploration and growth is marred by the trauma and confusion that violence brings, oftentimes having residual effects for years to come.

Difficulty sleeping, anxiety, falling grades, inability to concentrate, loss of interests, angry outbursts, unexplained or persistent injuries are just some of the signs of violence in the life of a young person.

Stopping the cycle of violence must include work with young people. They hold the potential to see a future free of violence realized. Alexandra House offers a variety of services to help kids start talking about healthy relationships and to offer intervention and counseling for young survivors of domestic and sexual violence.

Youth Services has four full-time staff to coordinate weekly prevention and intervention programs in six school districts in Anoka County.

Services offered include:

  • Presentations – we offer middle and high school-oriented presentations and workshops to students free of charge. Possible topics include:
    • Healthy/unhealthy relationships
    • Domestic violence
    • Sexual violence
    • Dating violence
    • Witnessing abuse and its effects
    • Criminal Justice Issues
  • Teen Advocacy Services – we offer individual support and group support for students who have experienced domestic, relationship, or sexual violence.
  • The Choose Respect Program – In 2005 we launched the Centers for Disease Control’s Choose Respect Campaign in local middle schools, involving youth to actively encourage their peers to choose respect in all relationships. We have been recognized nationally by the CDC for our efforts, and our work is being modeled in other programs nationwide.
  • Summer Programming – We work with Anoka County youth year-round. Throughout summer months, we work with other organizations and neighborhoods to continue offering individual and group support to victims/survivors of domestic violence, as well as our Choose Respect programs.

Our Youth Leadership Institute is a chance for high-school-aged young people to dive deeper into topics surrounding teen dating violence, domestic violence, and sexual assault. It’s an amazing opportunity to gain advocacy skills and develop a youth-driven advocacy project that will be used within our school year programming! This year, the Youth Leadership Institute will be held, August 2-6 and 9-13. The location is to be announced. Download our Youth Leadership Institute Flyer to learn more. To attend, complete the Application form.