Building The Legacy


Building the Legacy is an opportunity for community members to learn more about the mission and work of Alexandra House. Our event has a succinct, one-hour program that educates and inspires guests with powerful stories from survivors, community members, and staff. While there will be no obligation to donate, guests will be given the opportunity to contribute during the program. Guests will also have the opportunity to become involved in the work of Alexandra House and end domestic, sexual, and dating violence and abuse in later life.


Be a BTL Ambassador

Our Building the Legacy (BTL) event has an ambassador aspect and is a “friend” raiser as much as a “fund” raiser.  It is a wonderful environment for men and women to come together and learn about our efforts in ending domestic violence and sexual violence.  A BTL Ambassadors invites 4-5 people to attend the event as their guest. There is no cost to be an ambassador or attend the event. If you’d like to sign up to be a BTL Ambassador, please contact our Donor Engagement Coordinator, Danielle Reynolds at 763-656-1368 or email.