Service Statistics

In 2020, Alexandra House provided . . .

A Safe Haven. 320 victims/survivors and their children received 10,074 nights of safety; with the average shelter stay being 32 days. Average shelter stays have increased 60% over the last 5 years. 43 households were served in hotels due to reduced capacity for COVID-19 safety precautions.

A Lifeline. 4,100+ calls were answered on our 24-hour emergency helpline—a 6% increase from 2019.

A Voice. 781 clients were supported by our civil and criminal justice advocacy services including the filing of protection orders, support during civil and criminal court proceedings and legal representation. 603 referrals from local law enforcement as a result of the Lethality Assessment Program were received, 433 high-risk victims were immediately connected to an advocate from the scene of the incident.

A First Responder. 152 referrals were received from local hospitals and clinics; 119 victims of sexual and domestic violence received crisis intervention, safety planning, and support at local hospitals and clinics.

A Community. 72 victims/survivors and their children began their healing process at weekly support groups; 494 support group sessions were provided.

An Advocate. 51 families received ongoing supportive services and housing and financial assistance; 23 families benefited from ongoing housing subsidies imperative in achieving violence-free lives.

A Role Model. 172 children, youth, and parents were touched through school-based 1-1 advocacy and support groups, on-site groups at Lino Lakes Juvenile Correctional Facilities, and summer programming; 3,299+ students learned about healthy relationships through 121 classroom presentations.

A Mentor. 10,000+ community members increased their awareness and knowledge through 49 in-person or virtual community education presentations, professional trainings, and community events.

A Promise. 25 older adult victims of abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation received client-centered advocacy services specifically for adults 50+ through our Aging Services Program.

A Helping Hand. 86 volunteers contributed 4,925+ hours of their time and talent to our programs; at a value of over $144,992.

Across all of our programs, Alexandra House impacted the lives of over 16,000 people.