Therapy Services

Therapy is a collaborative process through which change is enacted with the help of a trained professional. The therapeutic process aims to empower clients to find hope and healing through a focus on their own personal strengths. Therapy services are confidential and follow all HIPPA standards.

Alexandra House Therapy services are targeted to the following individuals:

  • Clients who are currently receiving services in some capacity through Alexandra House.
  • Clients who are willing to explore underlying issues to present day problems.
  • Clients who are in need of a chemical or mental health assessment.
  • Clients who do not have health insurance, or are unable to afford co-payment for therapy services; or who demonstrate other barriers to therapy services within the community.
  • Clients may be individual adults, adolescents and children (6 years of age and older) and families.
  • Clients who are not receiving therapy services from another provider.

As with all other Alexandra House services, therapy is free to the client.  Clients may be seen on a biweekly, weekly, bimonthly, monthly, or as-needed basis.