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Alexandra House has served as an ally, a resource, and a refuge for survivors of domestic violence, sexual violence, and elder abuse for over 40 years. We provide individuals and families with a broad spectrum of vital services free of charge. Beyond safe harbor in a time of crisis, our shelter advocates work closely with residents, connecting them to valuable community resources such as economic assistance, medical services, job training resources, and legal advocacy services. They also assist in protection planning, securing safe housing, and offering weekly support groups, which are an integral component of the program. These basic needs are met to pave the way for survivor’s lives to be enriched with hope, self-esteem, and opportunity while also focusing on the needs of children/youth who reside in the shelter by providing support groups, safety planning, child/family activities, and a safe haven for them to just be kids.

In 2016, we realized that several of our donors had decided to commit to making regular, monthly gifts. In response to this generosity and dedication to our mission, we created the Luminary Society, a distinguished group of visionary leaders who are “lighting the path” for Alexandra House.

We took some time to chat with Shelly Orlando, one of our devoted Luminary Society members, about why she chooses to donate to Alexandra House and why monthly giving is right for her.

Why did you choose to become an Alexandra House donor? 

I decided to become an Alexandra House donor through my employer’s Greater Twin Cities United Way (GTCUW) campaign, where you could choose what 501(c)3 organization would benefit from your contribution.  I was able to designate Alexandra House to benefit from my payroll donation.  I selected Alexandra House because they do valuable work for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.  I work in law enforcement and have seen the impact that this organization has and the assistance that they offer to victims.  They also are progressive in their community outreach programs, such as going into all Anoka County high schools and talking about dating violence and what healthy dating relationships are.  The Alexandra House is so much more than a shelter for victims. 

It was when the GTCUW decided to discontinue funding of domestic programs such as the Alexandra House; I decided to become a Luminary member. As a Luminary Society member, I could still provide support every month – and I didn’t have to remember to send a check each month, which is convenient. I know that my contribution helps a great organization continue to do their work in assisting victims and their families throughout the year.

What are the benefits of being a monthly donor?

I think one of the benefits of being a monthly donor is that you are helping someone out, that you may never meet, but knowing that your funds are there to assist in the needs of victims.  We pay monthly for so many things that are comforts for us, such as Netflix, cable tv, gym memberships, it makes perfect sense to add a little more and donate to a worthy cause such as the Alexandra House. It is income that they can depend on throughout the year.

Being able to donate monthly allows you to give an amount that you are comfortable giving.  One of the benefits of the Luminary Society is you can give as little as $15 a month and make a difference in someone’s life. You do not need to remember to write a check as funds are automatically withdrawn from your checking account, which is helpful.  It is easy to give a little, and that amount adds up over the year.

What would you tell others who are interested in potentially becoming a monthly donor to Alexandra House? 

I would tell them to do it!  Alexandra House is a great organization that doesn’t turn people away, no matter if they are from Anoka County or not.  They are doing great work in the community, and let’s face it, times are tough.  You can look at the Alexander House’s website and see all the services and support that they offer victims of domestic and sexual violence.  They cannot do this work without generous supporters.  The process of becoming a Luminary member is super easy, and you will feel good about the organization that you have decided to contribute to.

Monthly giving comes with immeasurable benefits for both you and Alexandra House. Through this process, you can rest easy knowing that you are providing Alexandra House with reliable, predictable revenue. This in-house processing also conserves financial resources and ensures more of your contribution goes directly to those we serve.

The critical support of sustained giving will enable us to continue to serve our community and ensure that survivors can build safer and more stable lives as we take one step closer to a future free from violence together. Thank you to our many wonderful donors.  We hope everyone will continue to share our story with others and let them know how important their financial support is to help us achieve our mission.

Learn more about sustainable giving and becoming an Alexandra House Luminary Society member.