Can Alexandra House Help Me?

Alexandra House supports everyone who is affected by domestic, sexual, and relationship violence, including elder abuse. We are a resource for victims and survivors of sexual violence in any form. We also offer support to friends and family of victims/survivors and other concerned persons.

«I’m a man. Is Alexandra House for me?»

Yes, we support men who are dealing with the effects of domestic and sexual violence on their lives. We offer services and support to older men experiencing abuse, neglect, and/or financial exploitation.

«I identify as trans*. Are Alexandra House’s services available to me?»

Yes, the Alexandra House is a safe space for trans* survivors. We take our commitment to support victims/survivors along the gender continuum seriously.

“I’m 15 Years Old and the Person I am dating is always calling me names and telling me who I can hang out with. Can Alexandra House help me?

Yes! Many of our direct services are available to youth under age 18 and we are currently in many of the Anoka County High Schools where we provide crisis counseling and support groups on-site.

«I’m dealing with an issue in my same-sex relationship. Is Alexandra House for me?»

Yes, domestic and sexual violence can be perpetrated by and experienced by people of all genders and orientations. Our advocates understand this and are ready to support all victims/survivors.

“I am a 60-year-old man. I am having issues with my adult children as my caregivers. Can Alexandra House help me?”

Yes, physical abuse and sexual violence may also be perpetrated against older adults. We offer services and support to older adults experiencing abuse, neglect, and/or financial exploitation who may have concerns about mistreatment by partners, family members, caregivers, or others with whom they have a trusted, ongoing relationship.

«I don’t have any money to pay for services. Can Alexandra House help me?»

Yes, our services are available to everyone at no cost regardless of their ability to pay.

«I am undocumented, will Alexandra House work with me?»

Yes! Our services are available at no cost to everyone regardless of citizenship status.

If domestic and sexual violence or elder abuse has impacted your life, Alexandra House is here to support you. We actively seek to eliminate barriers to service. All of our service practices are based upon nondiscrimination regarding race, religion, national origin, cultural orientation, gender identity and/or expression, age, sexual orientation, legal status, relationship status, physical ability, political affiliations or beliefs, marital status, HIV status, and financial status.