Elder Abuse Services

Elder abuse takes many forms, most often involving emotional and psychological abuse, intimidation and threats, isolation, neglect, and financial exploitation. Physical abuse and sexual violence may also be perpetrated against older adults. Older adults, or their loved ones, may have concerns about mistreatment by partners, family members, caregivers, or others with whom they have a trusted, ongoing relationship.

Alexandra House offers person-centered advocacy services specifically for adults 50 and over. An advocate is available to meet in-home or in another safe location of the program participant’s choosing. An advocate can meet with a participant and their caregivers or support people if desired, over the course of several weeks or months to help each person achieve his or her personal goals for safety and well-being.

Services provided:

  • navigating legal systems and finding reduced-cost legal aid
  • arranging transportation to meetings and appointments
  • helping explore housing options
  • offering resources for financial assistance
  • connecting with government and community programs for additional services
  • offering emotional support and support groups

Elder Abuse Services Flyer