Internship Q & A

Q: What direct service internship positions are available?

In a typical year, we have two (2) Community Program positions available and one (1) Shelter position.

Q: How many hours a week are needed for your internships?

Alexandra House only considers applicants with minimum commitments of 250 internship hours / 15 hours per week.

Q: What are the deadlines to apply for an internship?

  • Fall semester – deadline is May 1
  • Spring semester – deadline is November 15
  • Qualified candidates will be contacted AFTER the deadline to schedule an interview.

Q: Does Alexandra House require interns to go through a background check?

Absolutely. To maintain the safety and security of our residents, staff, volunteers, and interns, a criminal background check is required. Alexandra House provides this at no charge to you!

Q: Is there a dress code?

Yes, however it can depend on the area you will be in. If you will be a Shelter Advocate intern or Legal Advocate intern, business casual attire is expected. If you will be a Youth Services Advocate intern, casual clothing is suitable.

Q: Are there evening and/or weekend shifts available during an internship?

  • For Legal Advocate interns – No.
  • For Youth Services Advocate interns – evenings, yes – weekends, no.
  • For Shelter and/or On-Call Hospital Advocate interns, there are both evening and weekend shifts available.

Q: Will I be safe working at the shelter?

Safety and security are top priorities at Alexandra House’s Emergency Shelter! We have security cameras, an extensive alarm system, secured entrances, as well as fully trained staff.

Q: What is the process to become an intern at Alexandra House?

The first thing to do is to fill out an internship application. Submit the completed application, then forward the confirmation email (that you submitted your application) along with a copy of your current resume. You may submit these items electronically to In the subject line, list Internship Candidate. After the deadline and review, an interview is scheduled where you may need to complete various forms (background check, confidentiality, motor vehicle insurance information, etc). If you are selected for our internship program, you will need to complete our 50-hour advocate training.

Q: I have a question that wasn’t answered here. Who should I contact?

Please contact our Volunteer Services Coordinator at 763-795-5452, or via email.