Donor Story: Mary Arneson Donor Story: Mary Arneson

Donor Story: Mary Arneson

Meet Mary, a native of Aberdeen South Dakota, who has been involved with Alexandra House in some capacity (volunteer advocate, board member, and donor) for nearly 15 years. Starting as a volunteer, she was eager to learn more about our programs and the different ways she could be of service. She considers her decision to begin volunteering with Alexandra House, one of those significant moments that one looks back on as the ‘right place, right time.’ At the time, she was moving to Blaine and wanted to volunteer and support a cause she believed in. Alexandra House was the perfect fit. Little did she know, how much Alexandra House would come to mean to her.

Mary’s connection and commitment to the work and the people grew with each subsequent opportunity. In her own words, “I’m a person that needs to be surrounded by people I respect and care about – even with my belief in this cause it would be hard for me to be so committed if the staff at Alexandra House weren’t such extraordinary people.”

Mary has volunteered within almost every program, worked on all its event fundraising committees, joined the Board of Directors, and served as its Board Chair for the last three years. She has recently retired, and she and her husband Clark moved to their lake home in northern Minnesota, but plan on remaining involved. “Having been so deeply involved in the growth and development of Alexandra House for years, I can’t just stop being involved now that I am retired.”

Mary and Clark have always financially supported Alexandra House, but prefer monthly giving. She likes monthly giving because it easily fits in their budget, and makes her feel like a partner in Alexandra House’s ongoing work. Each month a “feel good” moment hits her when she gets a notice her donation was received. Because nonprofits generally have a sporadic cash flow, their contributions mean even more because the funds come consistently throughout the year and help when Alexandra House needs it most.

Mary’s longtime advocacy for Alexandra House’s mission has been supportive in many different capacities during her involvement, and she and Clark continue to make an incredible impact today.

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