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Financial Resources for Victims

If you have been the victim of a domestic or sexual assault, there are a number of funds available that may help cover the cost of medical services, lost wages, and other financial consequences resulting from the assault. Please contact us if you have questions. Advocates are available and prepared to help navigate this process with you.

Minnesota Crime Victims Reparations Board

Who: Victims of a violent crime. It does not matter whether the case is charged or if the offender is found guilty.

Can cover: Medical and dental costs, mental health counseling costs, lost wages, child care, and household services.

Does not cover: Personal property loss, stolen money, moving/relocation costs, pain and suffering.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Crime must have occurred in Minnesota or the victim must be a Minnesota resident victimized while traveling in another country.
  • The crime must be reported to the police within 30 days of the crime (sexual assault and child abuse victims are exempt from the 30 days, but are still required to report the crime.
  • The victim must cooperate with the police in the investigation of the crime and with the prosecutor in the prosecution of the crime.
  • Claim must be filed within 3 years of the crime (child abuse claims must be filed within 3 years of the date the crime was reported to the police).
  • Victim must not have committed a crime or caused or contributed to the incident through any misconduct.
  • Expenses must be submitted first to the victim's insurance company for payment.
  • Victim's losses after insurance or other sources of payment must be in excess of $50

Additional info: Victims and their families do not have to wait until medical or dental treatment is complete. If additional expenses arise, additional requests for reparations may be submitted.

To apply or more info, contact:
Minnesota Crime Victims Reparations Board
Office of Justice Programs, Minnesota Dept of Public Safety
Phone: 888-622-8799 or 651-201-7300

CLICK HERE to download the claim form.

Crime Victim Emergency Funds

Who: Crime victims may be eligible for emergency financial assistance from the State of Minnesota for the replacement of necessary property as a result of a crime.

Can cover: Lost, damaged, or stolen necessary property, food, damage deposits, lock changes, moving, rent, bill payments, court/health related appointments and mileage, fees for protective order filings, or reasonable living expenses incurred as a result of a crime.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Crime must have been reported to law enforcement.
  • Immediate financial need must be directly related to crime victimization.
  • Funds will cover only property losses, immediate personal safety needs or temporary replacement remedies.
  • Other financial assistance sources must be exhausted.

Additional info: Financial assistance is distributed by MN Center for Crime Victim Services to vendors only; payments are not remitted directly to the victim. A maximum of $500 may be distributed per application. Funds are distributed within 48 hours.

To apply or for more info, contact:
Victim Witness Program at the Anoka County Attorney's Office

Anoka County Sexual Assault Victim Fund

Who: Victims of sexual assault and their families

Can cover: see application for details


  • Applicant must be a current resident of Anoka County or the sexual assault must have occurred within Anoka County.
  • Requests for financial assistance must pertain to expenses incurred as a result of the sexual assault.
  • Applicant must demonstrate that all other means of reimbursement have been exhausted.
  • Applicant must have disclosed the sexual assault to a mandated reporter (law enforcement, social services, school personnel, victim services program staff, counselor or therapist, etc).
  • Applicant must sign a release of information to any entities to which payment has been requested.

Additional info: A maximum of $1,000 will be paid out per incident per applicant covering costs incurred as a result of a sexual assault. Applications for financial assistance from the Sexual Assault Victim Fund are reviewed by the Anoka County Sexual Violence Services Professionals Committee. Applicants will receive a formal letter stating approval and amount granted or disapproval via mail within seven (7) business days of receipt of the application. If the application is approved, the Sexual Assault Victim Fund treasurer will mail payment to the designated payee within 30 days.

To apply: Complete the written application and submit via fax, email or postal mail as described in the application.

CLICK HERE to download the application.

For more information, contact:
Legal Advocates at Alexandra House
CLICK HERE to download the informational brochure


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