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Volunteer at Alexandra House

Alexandra House relies on the work of volunteers to provide essential services to victims of domestic and sexual violence. Please take some time to review the information below to learn more about how volunteers support our mission and how you can get involved. 

Check out our volunteer opportunities: 

Individual Volunteering Opportunities

Alexandra House has a team of dedicated volunteers working in virtually every program. 

  • For prospective volunteers interested in working directly with clients as advocates or childcare providers, we offer a 50-hour training program that prepares individuals for the challenges of direct-service volunteering. 
  • For prospective volunteers interested in working behind the scenes in our kitchen or facility, we provide a quick orientation that allows volunteers to make a difference without extensive training. 

All individual volunteer opportunities require a completed volunteer application and a personal interview. For more information, please contact our Community Education Coordinator at 763-795-5458.

Volunteer Training

The next 50-hour training will be held in Fall 2015. A mandatory information meeting will be held on Monday, August 24. The training is four (4) weeks in length with required attendance on:

  • Wednesday, September 9 
  • Saturday, September 12 
  • Monday, September 14 
  • Wednesday, September 16 
  • Saturday, September 19 
  • Monday, September 21 
  • Wednesday, September 23 
  • Monday, September 28 
  • Wednesday, September 30 
  • Monday, October 5 

The training is four (4) weeks in length with meetings usually on Monday and Wednesday evenings and includes two full Saturday.

To receive updates on training and volunteer opportunities, please complete the Individual Volunteer Application. For more information, contact our Jess Cheney, Community Education Coordinator at 763-795-5458 or .

Volunteering as a Groups

Alexandra House also welcomes various community and or civic groups, churches, college students, and others who have interest in doing one-time volunteer projects or helping with special events. If your group is interested in completing a one-time or on-going volunteer project at Alexandra House, check out our group opportunities

Check out our Group Volunteer Opportunities: 

Click here for the Special Projects - Group Volunteering Form

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