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Links to Helpful Resources

Handouts available for download (all PDF format):

Power & Control Wheel
Equality Wheel
Barriers to Escaping Abuse
Children Coping With Family Violence
Teen Power & Control Wheel
Teen Equality Wheel
Myths About Domestic Violence
How to Help a Friend or Loved One
What is a Healthy Relationship?

Other helpful and informative websites/organizations:

Beyond the Mirror - Local violence prevention activist and community member Marlene Jezierski's book of poems, Beyond the Mirror, powerfully depicts the reality of psychological abuse. "The book was written to shine light on the darkness of pain and suffering that victims experience when cutting words and demeaning nonverbal behaviors are perpetrated by their intimate partners. Many individuals in abusive relationships do not recognize that the behaviors of their partner are abusive, especially if the abuser does not punch, strangle, rape, or push her or him down stairs. The physical elements of abusive relationships are easily recognized by society, but the cunning and cruel use of words that hurt and control another person is not well understood."

Choose Respect is a national initiative sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control that encourages adolescents to adopt healthy behaviors to prevent dating abuse. Choose Respect targets 11 to 14-year-olds with positive messages to help them develop skills to maintain respectful relationships throughout their lives. The website offers a variety of resources and interactive features for teens, parents and professionals.

Domestic Violence and the Workplace - A blog discussing this and related topics.

Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women serves as a unifying voice for battered women and to link battered women's programs in the state with the common purpose of ending domestic violence. 

That's Not Cool - Your cell phone, IM, and online profile are all digital extensions of who you are. When someone you're with pressures or disrespects you in those places, that's not cool. That's Not Cool provides tools to help you draw your digital line about what is, or is not, okay in your relationships.

The National Domestic Violence Hotline serves as the only center in the nation that provides information regarding 5,000 local and nationwide shelters and server providers available for victims, friends and family who often call for life saving help.

The Family Violence Prevention Fund works to prevent violence within the home, and to help those in the community whose lives are devastated by violence, because everyone has the right to live free of violence.

The Domestic Violence Council of Anoka County exists to create a community-wide collaboration that will work toward eliminating domestic violence in Anoka County. Initiatives include Coaching Boys Into Men, professional training offerings, and the Beyond the Mirror arts project.

Anoka County Children & Families Council Our mission is to nurture collaborative efforts by building bridges and networks between people and agencies who share a vision of a healthier community for children and families.

Verizon HopeLine Program HopeLine phones are refurbished phones that are equipped with 3,000 anytime minutes of airtime and texting capabilities. HopeLine phones are available to survivors affiliated with participating domestic violence agencies, including Alexandra House. Follow the link to learn more about the HopeLine program, and how Verizon supports domestic violence programming in this community. 

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